Club COVID Safety Standards - Updated 8/13/2021


The management team has reviewed our existing COVID-19 safety policy and below are the current standards. These standards will change to reflect CDC guidelines and NJ COVID Safety Guidelines as needed. We want to keep our club members as safe as possible as we move into our weekend LIVE events in 2021. The following policies apply to all members of the club - PCs and NPCs alike.


Mask Wearing

At this time, for anyone who wants the option to go without a mask at our LIVE games, you must provide proof of being fully vaccinated.


There are 2 ways to do this:

1) You fill out this secured form and upload a picture of your filled out COVID-19 vaccination card OR


2) You provide proof at check-in to Logistics, who will document this in person.


Once you are confirmed to be fully vaccinated, you will receive a wristband at check-in and will have the option to LARP without a mask. If you are not fully vaccinated at this time or did not provide proof of being fully vaccinated, you are still required to wear your mask.


You can also continue to wear a mask while you are fully vaccinated if you prefer. Currently CDC recommends you wear a mask indoors.



Indoor sleeping in the Inn is not permitted. Those with medical conditions reach out to Management before the event.


Girl Scout Tents are up in site 7. Rustic cabins are available in site 6. Both sites can have personal tents put up! Cast members are permitted to bring tents and set them up outside the Cast Cabin. We will also be spacing you out in the NPC cabin.

Inn Safety & Meal Times

Concierge has replacement masks if a member needs a cloth mask. Non-latex disposable gloves and disposable masks will be provided for food safety while in the kitchen.


Keep 6ft distance when eating, and we encourage everyone to please eat outside for everyone’s safety


Soap and hand sanitizer will be stocked in the play area and in bathrooms. Please use latrines if bathrooms become crowded during the event.


Players are not allowed to use the inn tables as guild tables. Please bring a pavilion and talk to the concierge about where you can set up as a personal play space. Please speak with the concierge on where you can put player stuff. The cubby space is available.


Check-In and Conte

Check-in will be held at the pavilion in the sleeping site closest to Conte (the one with the cabins). Conte will be closed. No sleeping or using the building until further notice.