viJilance The Barbarian
Apr 2

Your Lost Soul Has Been Found... By My Blade


Attention peasants- I am viJilance The Barbarian, and I am your new overlord.


For 6,000 years I have traversed these cursed Earthen plains in conquest and destruction. I have ravaged villages for millennia and taken their women as my possession. Spreading my seed far and wide for the sole purpose of creating an army of ferocious and savage butchers. I have crusaded the realm in search of blood and bone to quench my hunger; and all who have opposed me have been slaughtered mercilessly.


No mortal lives to tell the tale of my clashing blade. The desecrated battlefield I leave behind stenches of death and misery. You will either join my faction, or be slain where you stand. I take no prisoners.


So be prepared for the oncoming war, as all whom stand in opposition of me are destroyed.


This is your only warning:


Pledge your allegiance to me, or I will devour your soul.

2017 by Mystic Realms, LTD.

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