February 2017 - Player Prologue

Player Prologue for Roland Godfrey . Played by Sam Bloostien.

Ser Garth, Lord of Iron Keep and First Knight of the Order of Holt, had spent a lifetime stopping Orc raids into Holt lands, and the battles he had fought all his life had never worn on his bones as these past few days Ever since the old King had died he’d dealt with endless visitors, all trying to curry favor and get him to make a stand, but he honestly didn’t know what to do. The whole country worshiped Eldin, as did he, and the priests loved their darling Justin. They always had. Even after the foolish boy tried to murder his father, the priests and knights of Eldin still stood by the boy.There was a knock on his door. his squire, Felton, was bringing him another visitor.

“My Lord,” spoke the squire, “Roland Godfrey, master warrior and Baron of Holt is here to see you.”

Lord Garth recognized his visitor. He’d seen him before and knew him by his reputation, though he could not remember ever meeting him personally. The old knight rose and shook hands with Roland, “Welcome to my home. What brings you to see me?”

“My lord, I have come to ask where the Army of Holt stands in this. Will you allow Justin, a man who was imprisoned for attempting to murder his father, to take the throne?”

Ser Garth sighed, “I’ve had many visitors over the past week, but none have spoken as plainly as you. It is refreshing to converse with a man who says what he thinks.” Garth motioned Roland to follow. “Come let’s sit by the fire, warm our bones, and drink like two old soldiers.”

Garth poured two glasses of his finest and passed one to Roland.

“What shall we drink to, my Lord?” Roland asked, there seemed a sadness in his voice, perhaps a weariness to match his own.

“Let us drink to simpler times when duty was clear.”

Garth sat watching the flames. “You would have me name Justin an usurper and put forth a more suitable applicant for the Crown. You would have me call the Iron Army to my banners.”

Roland opened his mouth to speak, but Garth waved him silent. “Do not say what’s in your heart, Roland. If I called the banners. If I summoned the Iron Army I would force this great nation of ours into a bloody civil war that would leave us easy prey for the Orcs or the Asgarns. If perhaps we did not live in such troubling times honest men such as you and I could prevail and see justice done, but in this world falling to Chaos, children can try to murder their father and still sit the throne.”

“You will do something,” asked Roland.

Garth sat for long moment. “Men such as you and I we understand the weight of duty. Despite my personal morality, I understand my duty is to preserve our nation and protect its people. I cannot weaken us with a Civil War. I am sorry, Roland, but my duty is here, as leader of the Garrison of Iron Keep and First Knight of the Order devoted to protecting the land and its people.”

Roland seemed to understand. “I appreciate your time, if you would be so generous as to direct any other men such as ourselves to me I will be deeper in your debt. And you have my word of honor that the interests and protection of Holt will always come before my own personal interests and safety. And I hope that we can soon go back to when all of our enemies are in front of us.”

“You are a valiant man,” Garth whispered. “I will send those of like mind to you. And I will also take stand for righteousness. I will not attend Justin’s coronation. If Justine moves against me for that slight, then I will fight, but I will not be the one to start the war.”

Roland nodded. They were both men of few words, men of action who understood the soldier’s life.

“Stay and drink with me for while,” Garth said. “Let us talk of other things.”


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