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EVERMORE PLOT: OCTIS 1022 A.ORDER. – Justice Mordred

Important Correspondence

Dear Guildmasters of Evermore

The court has apprehended, interrogated, and obliterated the clerk who passed the caravan routes to the Highlander raiders.

Court investigators had the three clerks planning caravan routes under surveillance. When the clerk received your summons to attend the Octis market he fled and was apprehended.

The interrogation revealed that he passed the information to gain the favor of a Highlander woman named Connie Bruce. Documents recovered by the guildsmen of Evermore last month confirm Connie Bruce to be one of the ringleaders of the raiders.

Thank you for your assistance in revealing the felon.

Justice Mordred

Court of the Shield


Document Recovered by Guildsmen at the Septis 1022 A.Order Market Days

Attention Cell Leaders:

Our contact at the Guildhall Compound has told us Guildhall Supply will be moving the September shipment of Base Materials on Friday night of the Evermore Market. When our contact sends the maps they will be provided to you. For now, get your people ready.

Conduct the ambush as per standard operating procedure. Five days after the ambush, I will send a guide to lead you to the purchaser. After completing the sale, the Guide will lead you back to our new base. If you are compromised, the guide will not link up. Dump the goods in the river and return to the Highlands to fight the good fight.

Also, the Dale foodstuffs have not yet been sold. We’ve heard that crops have failed in the northern part of the Dale. If there is famine in Willowby, in a few months after some people die, the food will sell at triple the price. We’ve got it safely tucked away in the Hills until them.

Keep to the cause. Remember, the money we get from these raids will be used to hunt down rebels so that our nation will continue to prosper. Maybe with enough bribes we can locate the High-King-in-Exile MacLaughlin and Molly MacTavish. Maybe we can finally kill them for their crimes.

Yours in the Light of Edlin,

Connie Bruce

P.S. Don’t forget to BURN this note after reading.


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