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Important Correspondence

Dear Guildmasters of Evermore,

I have two matters to report:

I. Expedition to the Dale

On your urging, I took twenty four guildsmen on missions to Willowby in the Dale. We discovered five crystal rods driven into the ground close to the Holt/Dale Border. One group performed a ceremony to safely pull the rod. Four groups declined to perform the ceremony. They pulled the crystal rod to cause a catastrophic failure which blasting a crater in the ground and destroyed the mana energy removing it from the world.

Of the four groups pulling the rod groups, one group worked to conceal the involvement of Holt. They were concerned about the political climate and sought to prevent conflicts between the Dale and Holt. One group actively worked to spread knowledge of Holts involvement so the world would know Justin’s actions.

Four farms in the Dale have been significantly damaged. Crops will not grow well there for 3-5 years. The farm where the ceremony was performed will return to normal by next year.

There are a few more struggling farms. If groups are willing to accompany me, we can investigate these farms to see if they have rods affecting them or if the rods found were doing the damage. I took groups to the worst damaged farms first.

II. Recovering food for the Dale.

On your urging, I made inquiries to see if anyone noticed any unusual transporting of goods in the Highland Hills north of the Inn of Evermore. I was approached by Expatriate highlanders willing to meet with guildsmen of Evermore on Octis 21 A.Order.

They are afraid of retaliation by loyalist highlanders and have agreed to meet after dark. Their willingness to provide information is predicated on the hope that the Guild Council of Evermore stop the rebels and loyalists from fighting in the high hills around Evermore.

The Expatriates come to Evermore to avoid the troubles in the highlands, but they believe the Guild Councils continued support of the High-King-in-Exile permits the training of rebels in the local area, encouraged violence, and has prolonged the war in the Highlands.


I have written a report on the mana-moving crystal rods and a written basic ceremony for removing them. These rods do appear to be one use only, forming into pure energy when installed, and disintegrating when their use is ended.

I shall attend the Guildmasters meeting of the Octis market.

Po Quay

Wizard of Guildhall


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