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EVERMORE PLOT 1022 A.ORDER - Milton Krape

Milton Krape, Ranger of Guildhall

LOCATION: On road south of Evermore

SUMMARY: Sheriff Milton Krape is called to the scene of a crime. Arrest warrants are issued against Guildsmen of Evermore, and the Sheriff is ordered to detain and investigate.


Sheriff Milton Krape surveyed the carnage. The wagon lay flipped in the ditch. A dozen arrows protruded from the wagon driver’s body. One wagon guard was crushed beneath the wagon’s sidewall. The other three guards lay dead where they had attempted to form a shield wall a short distance from the wreckage.

The lead investigator stood near the bodies. He was a dark-haired man with a grim face who wore an Order of Guildhall surcoat. He introduced himself. “I’m Investigator Samuel, Court of the Shield.” He shook hands with Krape, and then added, “Thank you for coming out. We’ve had three Guildhall caravans attacked recently. The only clues we have are these pieces of fabric. I’ve been told they are tartan material worn by Highlanders.”

The investigator opened his pouch. “Sheriff Milton, your reputation for tracking down Highlander criminals is well known. I’d like you to confirm the findings of my team before arrest warrants are issued?” He showed the fabric pieces.

Krape studied the fabric carefully. They were small torn pieces that looked as if they had been sheared off during the battle by a weapon’s sharp edge or ripped off in the grip of a dying soldier.

Krape easily identified them. “This one is McCallick. Here is MacLare. The last is MacTavish. Proud clans. Proud people.”

“Thank you for confirming my team’s identification. I’ll prepare some arrest warrants, and we’ll get these murderers.”

Krape offered the fabric pieces. “I don’t think these are the responsible parties.”

“What makes you say that?” asked Samuels, taking the three fragments.

“The fabrics are not the exact pattern. They have a few threads off in the weave.”

The lead investigator laughed. “You’re a fabric expert?

Krape frowned. “These tartans are very important to those who wear them. They are produced with great care. I believe these are imitations. Fakes, planted to place blame on innocent parties.”

“You’re serious.”

Krape nodded.

The lead investigator looked worried. “Listen. I’m under pressure here. I need to make some arrests. That fabric is the only evidence I have. I’ve got to take action. A few threads off? Who would notice that? That’s just not enough to stop my investigation. I have to show my superiors action on this.”

“I understand,” Krape said.

Krape departed the crime scene. He had warned key members of the Evermore community about the coming attacks. Enough of them knew why the attacks were happening and who was potentially committing them. Krape knew this could become a bigger problem than the Asgarn Invasion of the Dale. The world was changing. People were changing. The Sheriff felt too old for this, much too old…


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