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Po Quay, Wizard of Guildhall

LOCATION: Inn at Evermore

SUMMARY: Po witnesses the reason why the Inn at Evermore was closed. The release of Fate and Time energy into the world fills the world with magic and changes everything. Po is a Shorian. He is a retired LoreKeeper who specializes in the study of mystic energy. Guildhall asked him to come to Evermore during the Stellar Convergence of 1016 A.Order and he stayed to become the caretaker of the Celestial Temple.

Po Quay held the divining rods measuring the flows of energy at the Hero’s Graveyard. He felt the power rise. He dropped the rods and turned to ran. Sprinting, he glanced over his shoulders. The four holy places of Evermore began to glow brightly. Inside the Inn building the Inn node also glowed. Strands of colored energy linked between the nodes.

Twenty hues of energy shown brightly for the first time since the founding of Guildhall and the binding away of all the more harmful energies. In a moment the strands of energy became torrents of power that flowed between the five nodes as blasts pure energy.

The colors all merges and became blinding white energy. Neutral energy. Balanced energy. He closed his eyes to avoid being blinded and listened to the thrum of power. It was happening the last Binding was breaking. The energies of Fate and Time were flowing back into the world.

It was Kendrick Kane who brought the warning to the Council of Lore more than a year ago. The bonds holding back Fate and Time energy had been damaged by the Stellar Convergence that occurred in 1016 A.Order. This was the same event that release Chaos energy into the world.

Kendrick had explained that this energy would destroy the souls of anyone close to the Inn, which was why the Council had voted in secret to close the Inn. The obliteration of a hundred Guildsmen would have shaken the world. And there would be no warning. In moments it would happen and all would be gone. Too many eternal souls gathered in Evermore. A mass erasure of those Heroes from the world would be catastrophic.

The closing was done in secret so that the enemies of Guildhall could not try to harness the energies. Kendrick Kane was supposed to gather the Guildsmen of Evermore in a Town called Solace, but the fool had bungled that. Kendrick Kane had once been the most distinguished researcher in the realm. Now, he was a drunkard. For a brief moment, Po wondered what had broken the man.

Then he opened his eyes. The power was already fading. The Guildsmen had performed a ceremony in 1017 A.Order that created channels to disperse the energy so there was no danger to the world. The flows of Fate and Time, just followed the same paths out into the world.

“Well, it’s done,” Po whispered. “The last two energies have flowed into the world.”

The Inn stood, untouched. Boarded up. The energy did not hurt objects or even living things. It just irrevocably destroyed spirits. Any spirit in the area would have been utterly destroyed. The bodies would remain as dead empty husks.

Po recovered his divining rods and headed toward the Guildhall Compound. His assignment was complete. He had come to Evermore to measure the effects of the elemental convergence and now he could see the end result.

By focusing his vision, he could see energy all around him. Magic just hung in the air. He could reach out and touch it. The world was changing. The release of the last two energies had brought the world into balance. In this new world everything was suffused with power. Magic was everywhere… with this power, the possibilities were endless.


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