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Bradley Alden

LOCATION: Senate Offices, Oberon City

SUMMARY: Archeological info on the Relic of Solnus and the cry of canines with a wolf-like lilt.

The Oberon Senate had wrapped for the day. It was pleasantly warm, yet still uncomfortable. Not humid, but a different kind of heaviness hung in the air. The people of Oberon City went about their business as usual. Laundresses and candlemakers busied themselves with their tasks, business men tutted over things like “The State of the Realm” and “Kids Today!” while they lunched in the square. A few Oberon Senators walked briskly through the streets, if anyone cared to notice (which most didn’t as it wasn’t THEIR business) they would see that the Senators were talking quietly, and deliberately choosing paths that had the least people on them, working hard to be as unseen as possible. Though they were seen by some, they succeeded in not being regarded by many, and even if they were, it’s hard to tell if any of the Oberon Citizens would care to do anything about it.

“Tell me what you know about the Archaeological findings, Bradley” one of the men whispered.

“Yes, have there been any updates on their progress so far?” asked another

Bradley Alden moved his brown hair away from his eyes, “I have sent some of our more covert troops to their sites to find out what they can, and create the smallest bit of disorganization in their group. As of last Market Day, there wasn’t a confirmed item that they were searching for, but they seem to be looking in the areas of the old Courts and Judicial Buildings.”

The first whispering man nodded in thought, “chances are high, then, that they are searching for an item pertaining to Solnus”

The second man tutted and shook his head, “imagine, putting those two…what were there names? Mia and Yvette? Goodness, imagine putting people like them in charge of something so important.”

“Indeed! They’ll muck it up for sure!” said the first.

“And if they don’t… it’s so close to Chastity. What if our citizens see them succeed, and begin to get ideas. Ideas of adventuring, or begin to see some false value in Arcanity and Guildhall, or in their skewed version of equality and fairness! We’ve just begun to settle down after the ceremony to remove the arcane spark debacle!”

Bradley’s eyes shifted, “When WE obtain whatever this relic of Solnus is, all of that will be quelled. Who in our City or Towns will argue that we are the purveyors of Justice if we hold a relic from the God of Justice HIMself? None. I have no doubt in our ability to tilt these scales in our favor. Especially with the newest additions to our kennels”

“Gentlemen!” a business man bellowed as he crossed the street towards the Senators.

The three men quickly changed their tone, and began speaking with him about taxes and quarterly increases. They asked about his wife and children, making small talk as the headed back to the square.

Off in the distance came the cry of canines, but these were different then the howls of an ordinary hound. Something more wild, aggressive, there was a wolf-like lilt in them.


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