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EVERMORE PLOT: JULIS 1022 A.ORDER - Justice Mordred

Justice Mordred, Court of the Shields

LOCATION: Court of the Shields, Close to the Sea of Lore SUMMARY: Evermore dodges an investigation by the Court of Guildhall. . Trembling in fear as he always did, the clerk entered the judge’s chamber. He walked across the plush carpeting, breathing in the scents of old leather, binding glue, and paper. The walls of the room were lined with legal tomes. He passed tables covered with open books or maps spread out and held down with more books.

Like always, Justice Mordred sat at his desk working by the light of a single candle. The judge heard cases all day and worked late into the night. He was over a hundred years old. The black robes covered a thin frail frame. His face was gaunt and pale. His hair was pure white. The judge looked up, eyes boring into the clerk, who wilted under the gaze.

The clerk offered the letter to the judge and spoke, “You told me to bring any correspondence from Evermore directly to you.”

Justice Mordred took the page with his wrinkled hand, and read the words in his hoarse whisper, “I have concluded my investigation of the attacks on Guildhall supply wagons. I can safely say that no Guildhall Highlanders were involved in the attack. Truthfully, I feel that these attacks were done to frame the Highlanders. I do not know who is framing them, but I have my suspicions. -HAK, Sheriff of Evermore.”

Justice Mordred placed the letter on his desk. “The Sheriff has complied with the orders of this Court. He has done his duty to Guildhall and replied to this court in a timely fashion.”

Justice Mordred picked up two unsigned court orders from his desk. He passed them to the clerk and said, “These documents will not be needed. Shred them.”

The clerk hurried from the room. Once in the hall he glanced down at the pages, and gasped. The first were charges of contempt against the Magistrate and Sheriff of Evermore. “A person shall not ignore or impede an order of the Court, Guild Council, or a Warlord leading in a military engagement.” And the second document was a court order sending Court Enforcers and a Judiciary to arrest and prosecute the Magistrate and Sheriff to the fullest extent of the law.

The Court clerk shuddered. Mordred had been in a terrible mood since the attacks on the caravans started, saying more than once, “This is a very dangerous political situation that could easily provoke another war in the East.”


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