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EVERMORE PLOT: JULIS 1022 A.ORDER - Justice Mordred

Justice Mordred

LOCATION: Court of the Shields, Close to the Sea of Lore SUMMARY: Another Guildhall Supply wagon is attacked, and Justice Mordred reacts.

The court clerk trembled as he opened the door to the judge’s private chambers. He knew his fear was irrational. The Justice was an honorable man, a pillar of Order in a time falling fast into Chaos.

The clerk walked across the plush carpeting, breathing in the scents of old leather, binding glue, and paper. The walls of the room were lined with legal tomes. He passed tables covered with open books or maps spread out and held down with more books.

Justice Mordred sat at his desk working by the light of a single candle. The judge heard cases all day and worked late into the night. He was over a hundred years old. The black robes covered a thin frail frame. His face was gaunt and pale. His hair was pure white. The judge looked up, eyes boring into the clerk, who wilted under the gaze.

“Justice Mordred,” the clerk stuttered. “I am sorry to intrude, but another caravan was robbed today. We found three different Highlander tartans. The driver and seven guardsmen were slain. The last guard… he survived, and said his attackers spoke with a Highland accent. It’s not the Holt framing Highlanders. It’s really Highlanders.”

The judge’s eyes narrowed.

The clerk stammered. “Well, unless the Holts decided to speak in different accents. Or maybe one group of Highlanders framing another? Or maybe…”

The judge spoke. “Regardless of the political motivations, the voices of the victims call, seeking justice from the hall.” His voice was a hoarse whisper, tight with rage. “These crimes must be addressed. I will amend my Order. All Highlanders in the local area shall be arrested, detained, and interrogated. The Lore of Guildhall allows us to find the truth. A short inconvenience for the innocent will ensure the guilty suffers the full weight of the law.”

A short time later Justice Mordred completed the Court Order:

The Sheriff of Evermore is Hereby Ordered to arrest, detain, and interrogate all Highlanders attending the July Market. At least one form of Lore shall be used to compel truthful speaking. Any Highlander found guilty of attacking Guildhall Supply Wagons shall be immediately tried by the Magistrate of Evermore. Those interrogated and found innocent shall be released. A complete written record of each interrogation, including names, guild or occupation if commoner, and details of the questioning, shall be provided to this Court.

Justice Mordred, Court of the Shield


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