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EVERMORE PLOT: NOVIS 1022 A.ORDER - Justice Mordred

Dear Guildsmen of Evermore, This letter was seized from a loyalist highlander courier by a Court Enforcer investigating unrest in the High Hills north of Evermore. I have ordered the letter’s contents sent to all Guildsmen in good-standing who attend the monthly market at Evermore. The Warlord of Evermore should be prepared to take military action against any belligerent forces on Friday night of the Market.


Justice of Guildhall

Rainbow Valley

Dear Commander Franka Wiess:

Do not send reinforcements. Our mission has failed. Rebel Highlanders helped the Guildsman of Evermore to recover the stolen food from the Dale Caravans. We will be coming home, but not before extracting a measure of revenge against the Guildsmen of Evermore.

We have learned that they have recovered a crystal rod and may use this rod to channel mystic energy into Willowby Shire. This will help Lord Willowby’s lands to recover more quickly. Replenishing the energy in the Dale will hinder the plan to purchase farmsteads.

I will attempt to stop the Guildsmen. I will not be able to attack the Inn. Most of my troops are raiders not battle-line soldiers so I will have the MacFarland brothers attack commoners on the trails to lure the Guildsmen out. Harwynn MacFarland will attack in the southwest. His brother Logan MacFarland will attack in the southeast.

I will use the bulk of my battle-line troops to attack the ceremony. If the Guildsmen do not perform the ceremony I will use my troops to burn villages to undermine the local population’s faith in Guildhall.

Connie Bruce

P.S. I will be taking care of those Highlanders who helped the guildsmen and reveal our plans.


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