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Dear Guildsmen of Evermore:

The lands of Lord Willowby in the Dale were significantly damaged when mana energy was siphoned away by Holt. A ceremony can be performed on Friday night of the Novis Market to replenish that energy. If a rod is used during the ceremony enough energy can be sent to restore the lands by next year. If a rod is not used, the ceremony will help the land recover more quickly, perhaps in a few years crops will grow again. We know that Holt took the energy as part of a plan to create a true Avatar of Eldin in Febris 1023 A.O. That plan was delayed by the Guildsmen of Evermore who pulled to destroy enough energy and prevent the ceremony on this Eldinmas. There are indications that other rods may exist and I am still willing to bring groups of Guildsmen to search them out.

For those willing to help the Dale I will be sending out groups to search for the best location for the ceremony. Interested groups should meet me at 10:30pm at the Inn of Evermore. The best times to start the ceremony would be from 11:15pm to 11:45pm. I have a serviceable ceremony. Any ceremony writers who wish to customize the ceremony should meet me at 9:30pm.

Po Quay

Wizard of Guildhall


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