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Location: Guildhall Historical Society, Evermore Chapter

Hestia sat at her desk, normally covered in papers, old tomes, and hand written notes about theories and leads to follow. She was working on a primer of information about her work so far. Birk, Swift Wind, Dusk Walkers, and Dusk Hollow had all become part of her everyday vocabulary.

On an average day she would be sitting at this desk well rested and contemplating the next steps in her investigation, with a little bit of daydreaming on what it will be like when she uncovers her next big discovery. Another step leading to her goal of becoming as well known as Kendric Kane. Today was not an average day, or at least she hoped it was not her new average. She was tired, her tea sat cold and forgotten on her desk, her notes pushed to the side and replaced with a map of the strange village of Dusk Hollow.

At the Guildmasters request last market day, she had brought the tradesmen to The Garden where the town uncovered that the shift in mana flows were causing the creation of mana beasts and the overgrowth of nature. The shifts were not natural however, they were an effect of something man made happening in the Wyld Wood. And whatever was happening was causing a shift in the balanced node that sat somewhere in the center of The Garden. It was in a state of flux right now and she had been tasked with finding the node and helping figure out a way to fix it.

She worked diligently throughout the day, meeting with multiple members of the Guildhall Historical Society. First she met with Gorge of the Thunderhoof Tribe who she had given the responsibility of leading the digs while she mapped the mana flows and continued her research into the true history of Dusk Hollow. They had been given permission by the villagers to dig in the graveyard as well as near the old falling apart walls that dotted the perimeter of the village.

She then met with Nelly Rowntree, her colleague and frenemy who just so happened to be an expert in mana and how it creates mana beasts. Nelly was very interested in the Holy Bees. She also discussed the effect of the mana flows on the crops in The Garden. Recently motes of various insights were found in the garden growing with the seasonal crops. They could be used in a ceremony to balance the node and with it The Garden. As Nelly was leaving one of the newer members of Gorge’s dig team entered in a hurry.

“Miss Hestia? We have a problem…a rather big problem actually.”

She held her head in her hands feeling a headache come on and wished her tea was warm.

“What now? Is someone hurt? Did someone break one of the rules that Dusk Hollow gave us?” She sighed.

“No ummm. I don’t know how to say this so i'm just going to be out right with it. There is an abnormally large pumpkin-- like the size of a shed- in The Garden… and it’s alive… and it’s attacking anyone who comes near it…”

Hestia looked at him in disbelief , then poured out her tea cup and refilled it with Von Doom ale. “We’re gonna need the tradesmen…”


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