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Molly MacTavish

LOCATION: Highland village, north of Evermore

SUMMARY: The Highlanders in Evermore decide to honor the actions of Juniper MacClare Hollin, the Innkeeper of Evermore, who courageously stood against the tyranny of Holt.

Molly McTavish stood to address the Highland King-In Exile and his court of courageous revolutionaries. The tree branches above their heads formed a great cathedral roof. The logs on which the courtiers sat were as good as any fine bench. King MacLaughlin looked regal in his worn tartan and hand-hammered crown. He sat on the stump that had been his throne since the Guildsman of Evermore had helped him gain his kingship.

Molly was a firebrand, well known to everyone who had lived in Evermore for the past two decades. She’s been a part of almost every squabble since the Inn at Evermoore opened in the year 997 A.Order. She nearly caused a local war when her daughter married an Oberon, but that was a while ago. The last time she came to Evermore was in Novis 1018 A.Order when KIng Aiden and ambassadors from the other nations of the Northern Confederation had come to sign the new treaty after the war in the East Pass. She’d almost started another regional war, demanding that the ambassadors recognize the Free Highlands as part of the confederation.

Molly knew how to shake things up. She knew how to get things done. Passion filled Molly’s face as she spoke.

“A highland woman stands up for herself and is charged and tried as a common criminal. This brave young woman suffers a conviction under Guildhall Law just because she dared challenge the Evil that is Holt. Her good name smeared, for merely standing up to a man who we all know is a murderer and a bigot. This is not justice!”

She draws her dagger and motions toward Holt which is far to the northeast. “King Justin, has awarded that murderous monster Milton Krape a medal. For what? Surviving a silence casting? Escaping Ser Evernight, who was clearly escorting Krape to safety!”

Molly punctuates each word with a subconscious flick of the dagger’s tip as if cutting the throat of an enemy. “This is the nation of Holt! Full of lies and subterfuge. They use acts of petty propaganda to undermine people who have a right to live free.”

She jabbed the dagger back into its sheath, and pulled out a string and a small piece of wood. “We don’t have a fine cathedral castle. We don’t have silk ribbons, nor tokens of gold. But we do have truth and the right to stand up against tyranny. And we can give honest, heartful symbols to the courageous people who stand with us.”

Molly held up her hand, letting the small piece of wood hang from her fingers dangling on the string. “I say we give a medal to Juniper MacClare Hollin. A medal that comes from our hearts. A medal that says we understand your struggle and stand with you in solidarity against those who would shout you down. Juniper MacClare Hollin, you have a right to be heard!” The cheers echoed through the woods. And the High-King-In-Exile nodded his approval, and as the cries died down, he raised his hand for silence. “The medal will be sent. The lass’s bravery is an inspiration to us all.”


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