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Nightmare King

LOCATION: Pocket Plane of Dreams

SUMMARY: The Nightmare King sends forth his ravens

Deep within dark woods the sounds of carrion birds echoed through the trees. A figure stood, black pointed crown upon his head, looking upon the bodies of the flayed elves in front of him.

As he sat upon his throne, the fate ravens around him ate the mana off of him; taking the brain afflictions and nightmares being sent to him, dispelling them with their beaks.

“My pretties, they think that they have the upper hand,” he crooned, petting a vulture as it ate a stray finger, “So bold are these creatures.”

Somewhere a Dream Elf screamed from within his camp. He raised one clawed hand and some crows went towards the sound of the screaming. Quickly it was silenced. “If these beings from Evermoore wish to quarrel and taunt me, then quarrel they shall.”

He dusted a good deal of red powder upon the wings of his raven constructs, giving them the ritual powder to do what they need to do.

“Let the nightmares come,” he hissed

With that he released his mana. Shadows crawled forth from his gloves, crawling into the minds of those around him.


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