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Po Quay, Wizard of Guildhall

LOCATION: Guildsport, South of Evermore

SUMMARY: Under secret orders from the Guild Council of Evermore, Po intercepts the shipments on the dock, diverts the materials into storage, and brings empty wagons north toward Evermore so that the Guildsmen of Evermore can use them to ambush the raiders who have been ambushing the caravans.

Po Quay walked the docks of Guildsport, looking for the Dockmaster. Guildsport, located on the Sea of Lore, was the main southern trading center of the Valley of Rainbows. These docks received the shipments from all over the world, as well as the shipments of base materials from Guildhall.

Po found the dockmaster, a burly man wearing a dark coat and top hat, lounging in the shade of an umbrella. After greeting him pleasantly, Po handed the dockmaster the paper that had been signed by the Charter Sponsor of Evermore. “This is an official document.”

The Dockmaster read over the paper. It took him a while, and he had to sound out a few words. Po waited patiently.

When he finished reading, the dockmaster spoke with a Coventer accent. “This is ‘ighly irregular.”

Po expected some resistance, and explained. “For the past few months, the guildhall supply caravans and other wagons have been attacked around the Inn at Evermore. The Guildsmen of Evermore have a secret plan to capture the raiders.”

The Coventer shook his head. “These shippin’ changes should go through the Guild’all Compound at Evermore.”

“They cannot,” Po explained, patiently. “The Guildsmen of Evermore conducted an investigation that confirmed someone in the Guildhall Compound is leaking the caravan routes to the raiders which is why I came down here to you.”

“Cause Oiy’m ‘onest, right?”

“Your honesty, or lack thereof, does not need to be addressed,” Po replied.

The dockmaster laughed. “You know Oiy ain’t ‘onest. Everybody that works the docks skims a bit ‘ere and there.”

Po acknowledged the sad truth with a nod. “But you do not have access to the caravan routes and so cannot be the person selling the information.”

“That’s correct,” the dockmaster agreed. “The routes are set by the Guildhall Compound and there are only three people in that department.”

“You understand now.”

“Oiy do. The shipments go out Friday night of the Septis Market. You want the wagons filled with rocks. The drivers, not knowing they ‘ave rock-filled wagons, will drive them along the assigned routes. You will intercept the wagons, unload the rocks, send the real drivers to safety, and then fill the wagon backs with Guildsmen who will then capture and interrogate the loyalist ‘ighlanders attacking the caravans.”

“That is the plan.”

“It’s a good plan.”

Po took back the paper. “Lavinia and Grell proposed the details.”

“Smart thinking, and Oiy’d be ‘appy to a ‘elp, for a small fee to cover my inconvenience.”

“Of course,” Po opened his purse and paid the dockmaster, who then arranged everything.

Po would be arriving in Evermore for the Market on Friday night 16th of Septis 1022 A.Order where he would bring groups of 4-6 Guildsmen out to ambush the ambushers.

Disguising the Guildsmen was discussed at the meeting. Po was able to procure a pair of Guildhall Supply tabards so two of the Guildsmen could appear as workers. The rest would probably have to hide in the back of the wagon under the sheets pretending to be the pile of materials.

Po hoped that at least one member of each group knew mechanics and brought tools because if the wagon broke down, they would not make their rendevouz with the raiders.


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