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For more than 25 years, the Mystic Realms LARP club has run monthly events in South Jersey. We are a community of friends who love theater and interactive roleplaying.

All the members and managers are volunteers. They don’t run for the club for personal profit. Event fees are invested back into the club. Everyone shares the burden of producing epic events.

New members are always welcome. Our events are new player friendly. You won’t be outclassed by long-time players, which means you’ll have meaningful participation right from the start.

Our rules have evolved over the years to allow detailed and distinct character types. We have rules for terrain, flying, and lots of other adventures. It’s a “keyword” system driven by a few core principles so even though the book is large, everything fits together in the same framework. The rules may seem complex to new player, but we believe the depth of character and the richness roleplaying is worth the effort to learn the rules.

Please join us as we re-start our theatric LARPing program. There is lots more to come, so I hope to see you all at our first full weekend event in more than a year.

Happy and safe LARPing to all.

Anton Kukal

Mystic Realms, LTD


May 31, 2021


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