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WORLD PLOT: JUNIS 1021 A.ORDER. - Kendrick Kane

Kendrick Kane, Runecaster of Guildhall

LOCATION: Town of Solace near the border between Andor and the Ansaki Fens

SUMMARY: Kendrick and Celeste look at the Mound near the town of Solace on the border between Andor and the Ansaki Fens worrying about the future of the realm. Kendrick is the former Chairman of the Guildhall Historical Society and Charter Sponsor of Evermore. Celeste is a woman from the Age of Life who crossed over to our realm from the Void. She and Kendrick are engaged.

Kendrick Kane stood on the crystal bridge gazing south toward the Mound as currents of mana energy swirled over its surface. Behind the glowing earthen hill, the wild jungle of the Ansaki Fens spread out. The evening sky swirled grey. Heat lightning flickered. A storm was coming.

Celeste slid her arm around his lower back. Kendrick felt the coolness of her skin through his white linen shirt. He draped his arm over her shoulder and pulled her tight to his side. He rested his chin again her silvery white ethereal hair. Below them the water washed noisily against the bridge supports as they continued to stare at the Mound.

“I thought it would have happened already,” Celeste whispered.

Kendrick felt his guts twist. “It should have. It’s been more than a year since I warned the Council of Lore, and they closed the Inn at Evermore. I have still not found a way into the mound. The last of the bindings are unraveling. It won’t be long now.”

He felt her arm tighten around him pulling him snug against her hip, giving him support, lending him strength.

“We must hope there are still enough good people in this world,” she whispered. “Heroes who will look beyond themselves and choose the path of peace.”

“Choosing peace is not enough,” Kendrick said. “There needs to be understanding, compromise, and commitment to common goals.”

The mana energy cracked over the Mound. Eighteen colors. Each as bright as the others. And two more color. Faint. Almost imperceptible. But soon to blaze bright.

In the sky behind the Mound, the lighting flashed between the clouds.

Kendrick placed his hands on the crystal railing. The feelings of failure, regret, and bitterness almost overwhelmed him. They’d had a year to figure a way into the Mound. A whole year that could have been spent finding a way to prevent the release.

“It’s not your fault they didn’t come to Solace,” Celeste said.

“Some did.” Kendrick whispered. “But they didn’t stay.”

“It was their choice,” Celeste whispered. “The place was here to explore.”

“If only I had been a better person,” Kendrick said.

“No,” she said, sharply.

“Maybe more charismatic, more charming, or better able to express myself.”

“It’s not you Kendrick,” Celeste whispered. “The people have the power to make their world great or spend their lives complaining about the lack of greatness.”


She lifted a had to forestall him. “I thought Aradawn was perfect. He was the greatest hero in the Age of Life, so charismatic, kind, and charming. Half the world loved him, but the half that did not like him was enough to destroy the Age of Life.”

“We could have done something here,” Kendrick said, knowing that Solace was another missed opportunity, in a life of missed opportunities.

“You cannot blame yourself, my love. People make their choices.” Celeste replied. “The Five could stop the end of the Age of Life, because the Five cannot stop human nature. People choose who and what to hate. And that hate always leads to ruin. When the world is united in love there is prosperity. When the world is fragmented by hate, there is conflict and suffering.”

Kendrick roached for the bottle in the satchel hanging over his shoulder. Celeste tightened the arm around his waist, shifting her hand to cover the satchel’s flap. She knew him too well.

“The world has run out of time,” Kendrick sagged to his knees and placed his forehead against the bridge rail.

Celeste patted his shoulder. “Fate is foretold, Kendrick.”

On his knees, he sobbed against the rail.

“I still have hope,” Celeste said. “I have hope in your Guildhall. I believe that heroes will arise to save us. They will put aside their difference. They will unify to a common cause. We will grow and prosper once again.”


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