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What is LARPing?

We see live-action roleplaying as a multidimensional hobby that encourages members to express their creativity while developing their theatric skills. Members focus on improvisational acting, costume creation, prop making and script writing. Members learn social, dramatic, leadership and crafting skills which generalize to all facets of their life. A Mystic Realms live-action experience is more than just a game; our devotion to theatric skill development makes our program unique and special.


Our approach to roleplaying encourages cooperation and empowers participants to explore all facets of the theatric arts and themselves. Participants with greater experience work with newer members so that all can improve their theatric skills in order create the best live-action roleplaying experience possible. We are stage performers, musicians, students, teachers, writers and above all else dreamers.

How is Mystic Realms Unique? 

Mystic Realms is a theatrical arts organization. Our program combines traditional theatric skills with live-action roleplaying to create an interactive theatric experience where the participant is both the actor and the audience.

At Mystic Realms players become the protagonist of their own story. Character opportunities are unlimited and include magic-slinging wizards, sword-swinging warriors, costumed super heroes, gun-toting futuristic soldiers, or even investigators of the paranormal. Be a courageous hero or cowardly knave; a noble knight of the old code or a secretive and shadowy rogue agent. The choice is yours.

Our Glory of Guildhall setting was created in 1997, and has been running as one continuous campaign; longer than any LARP in New Jersey. Our rules system is easily simplified down to key words and effect statements, allowing players to quickly learn the system. The Mystic Realms rules are applied to all genres of play, and work in both Live Action and Dice Play.

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