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Event Registration

Event are broken down into Time Blocks. Friday night, Saturday Morning, Saturday Afternoon, Saturday Evening, Saturday Night, and Sunday Morning. A full weekend event is 6 time blocks, while a day event is typically 2 time blocks. Each time block costs $10.00. Players may play a second character for an extra $5.00 fee. Player must change at the start of the time block (meal times) and play the whole block as character. Costumes must be significantly different. 



In order to encourage players to stay on site, meals can be bought at registration and are served on site and in game. Meals are $5. A weekend event will serve Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner, and Sunday morning snack. A day event will typically only serve dinner. 

Food can not be left sitting out for you because its unsanitary. The kitchen will be cleaned and closed after each meal. If you miss a meal food was prepared and you can not get a refund. No plates will be left for late comers. 


Discounts are available to those who pay to attend an entire weekend event.

-$5.00 Early Arrival - If you register before 8:00 pm.

-$5.00 Sunday Discount - To encourage players to stay and roleplay, Sunday is discounted.

-$10 New Player Discount - First time players receive a $10 discount. 


Please bring exact change in small bills to the event. Logistics cannot make change. Credit cards are accepted at most New Jersey locations. 

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