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About Us

Mystic Realms® is a theater company incorporated to organize events that create interactive drama through roleplaying. Events use the Mystic Realms® LIVE-ACTION!™ and DICE-PLAY!™ rules systems and encourage the development of characters within realistic, thought-provoking game settings.

Mystic Realms® was created in the early 90's and incorporated a few years later. The Glory of Guildhall Campaign was founded in March 1997 and has hosted consistent events without reset! Since then the Mystic Realms® theatrical experience has expanded into many new and exciting game worlds. We like to think that Mystic Realms® has something to offer everyone.

New participants are always welcome and Mystic Realms® will help interested persons establish their own gaming troupes. Participants learn acting, writing and administrative skills while developing personas in various game genres.


Mystic Realms® has created a game system to be run by players for players. Participants organize in theater clubs called troupes and members of these troupes work together to put on Mystic Realms® events. Troupe members take turns acting as Troupe administrators and participating as player or cast characters in the game. Mystic Realms® is a friendly, cooperative, theatric environment without ego or attitude. We have a game where the participants show up as friends, play their characters uninterrupted for the entire event, and are still friends when they leave.


The focus of Mystic Realms® is not just on combat and conflict. The system seeks to bring the character's world to life through day to day experiences. In-game politics, dancing, feasting, playing cards, telling stories and singing songs are what goes on at a theatric event. Mystic Realms® stresses social interaction at all levels and not just on the one-dimensional plane of combat. The worlds of Mystic Realms® are alive with motivation from many levels, making conflict and combat much more meaningful than simply stomping every goblin in the woods.

Theatric Gaming as a Business

Mystic Realms, Ltd is dedicated to non-commercialism. We will work with you to help you organize a troupe for free! Our resources will become your resources. In the spirit of cooperation, we will work and grow with you.

We believe running a live action club is a labor of love and do not allow people to run Mystic Realms® Troupes to make money for themselves. Mystic Realms® Troupes are run by all the players for all the players. Troupes are not businesses in the sense that individuals profit from them.

Official Troupes are allowed to charge money for events. They are expected to run fair and consistent games that keep within the rules and philosophy of Mystic Realms®. The monies collected will be used to cover operating expenses and to improve the game. Mystic Realms® sets event prices at a level to keep a club operating and does not overcharge participants to generate extra profit.

Our Reasons

The Mystic Realms® rules took years to write and playtest and is the most comprehensive system of its kind in print. On first blush it may seem almost counter productive to run Mystic Realms® like we do. But the truth is, we are not in business to make a buck. We all have day jobs. This is our hobby. We would much rather see Mystic Realms® out there being played, than collecting dust in the closet. I guess the bottom line is if we get you running games, we can play in them and not have to run them all ourselves! We’ll give you all the tools you need to build a great club and run awesome events. Huzzah! To be a player again.

The Future

Mystic Realms® is helping people all across the nation organize theatric troupes. We’ve got a team of people ready to help you. Our goal is to create a nationally connected network of official Troupes so players can freely move from game to game. We’ve been running games in conventions, state parks, campgrounds and private homes. The wonderful world of live action gaming is still in its infancy and we would like to see it grow into the mainstream.


Thank you for visiting our website and if you are interested in joining Mystic Realms®, we hope to hear from you soon.


Anton Kukal
President, Mystic Realms, Ltd.

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