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New Players

Hello, and welcome to Mystic Realms!

Jumping into your first Live Action Role-Playing experience can be intimidating, but we have a team of people ready to help create and costume your character. Loaner weapons are available on site for new players. In addition we run workdays year round where members of our community get together to teach these skills to one another.

New Player FAQ:

Who can I contact to answer my questions?

Email the Concierge Team at

How do I get started?

Basic information for each Realm (genre) can be found under the Realms menu. A more detailed history of the Realm is found in the Sourcebook, which is located in the Downloads section. Each sourcebook will detail character creation for the Realm, and a member of our concierge team can assist you before to an event or on site.


Contact the Logistics Team at for access to the database.

Can I still come if I can’t make it for the entire event?

Yes! Event registration is broken down into time blocks. Each time block is $10. Show up when you can and you only have to pay for the time blocks you play. A weekend event is 6 time blocks, while a day event is typically 2 or 3.


How can I create a cheap costume for my first few events?

You can get most if not all of your costuming needs with a little luck and patience at a thrift store.


Wool pants, scrubs, sweatpants are a good start for pants. Just make sure they are free of logos and modern designs (example, vertical stripes on the side).


Sometimes you luck out and find a tunic style top at a thrift store. Sometimes you don’t. You can create a tunic from a tshirt that is one size larger (if you can find one that is also “tall” sizing that is great too!) cut the elastic collar off, taking care to cut close to the seams. Cut a small slit in the front going down the middle about 6” long. Poke some holes and lace it up with a leather cord. Put a belt on it, and you have a simple tunic.


Footware is the hardest to costume cheaply and easily. You want to be comfortable too. The plainer the better. Hiking boots, army boots, even plain black or brown sneakers work as they are plain and don’t draw attention. Sandals can work too, but keep in mind you’re going to be outside in the woods so air on the side of caution and get closed toed ones that strap on tight.


This is just the basics. More information and ideas can be found on the Tutorials page.


What sleeping accommodations are there?

Sleeping accommodations vary by site. Please see the Site Info page for more details.


Can I bring my kids?

Of course! While LARPing is not a game for children, Mystic Realms allows children and have modified combat rules for children as well.


All children must demonstrate ability to play by the rules, stay in character, count hits, properly use character skills and properly respond to skills used against them. Children 7 and under are often too young to play characters as they are unable to understand and follow the rules. They should be non-combats until capable of roleplaying a character safely under the rules and then be limited to a few skills. Children 8-12 years of age may play characters if demonstrating a capacity to play by the rules, stay in character, count hits, properly use character skills and properly respond to skills used against them. They may play characters with 2,499 spent status or less, but are limited to cautious combat adventures (or acting as non-combatants on standard adventures).


Children 12 and under are limited to “cautious combat” rules and may only participate in adventures, and must remain at the main play area during large combat encounters.


More information on minors and cautious combat rules can be found in the Members Manual on pages 79-82.


I do not wish to participate in combat. What can I do?

Non combatants are welcome to participate on adventures using the cautious combat rules. They must remain in the main play area during large combat encounter.s


More information on cautious combat rules can be found in the Members Manual on pages 80-81.


What should I bring?

There are two types of equipment that you'll need.  Things for playing your character and personal things you'll need to camp out in the woods.  Some are necessary, some are optional.


Character Things

Character Costume:  Make sure it's durable, represents your race/culture and trade and looks "period".  It doesn't have to be fancy, but avoid labels, text, or modern apparel like baseball hats.

Belt pouch: Something to carry all the little things.  Try a small purse with the straps removed and cut belt holes in the back.

Footwear:  Sturdy footwear for the woods, preferably boots or other "period friendly".  Avoid sneakers.

Weapons:  Mystic Realms approved weapon props.  No real weapons are permitted. Loaner weapons are available on site for new players.

Miscellaneous: Pens, small flashlight, plastic bag to keep character card dry.

Container: Small jar or other container to hold "ritual powder" cards and other small in-game items.

Makeup: Some races or cultures requires face paint or other makeup, or your character may have a scar or other markings.



Tools: Swiss Army Knife or other all-in-one tool, scissors, tools for putting up tents or tightening bolts on a ballista

Repair Gear: Duct tape, foam, PVC pipe, sewing kit.  To repair weapons and costumes.


Personal Things

Money: Bring enough cash to pay for the event and food if you want to buy it there

Sleeping Gear:  A sleeping bag or blankets and a pillow.

Personal Hygiene: Toothbrush and tooth paste.  Deodorant.  Anything you'll need to survive at a camp for a weekend.  Most camps do not have showers but some do so you can bring a towel and shampoo.

Medication: If you need it, bring it. If it is emergency life saving medicine such as an inhaler or epipen keep it on you.

Water Bottle: Bota bags or canteens help you stay hydrated on long adventures.

Mug  or Goblet: Period cups help set the mood and grant you extra options at dinner!

Bug Spray: Most events are held in the woods so bring it if you need it

Sunblock: It's easy to get burned

Baby Powder: Running around all day can chafe and make you sore.  Powdering can avoid this and make you feel refreshed.

Regular Clothes: Weather appropriate clothes.  Layers for under your costume on the cold days and nights, and normal clothes for after the event ends.  Gloves.  Bring lots of extra socks and changes of underwear.

Watch or Timepiece: You'll need to know what time it is.  Cell phones can easily get damaged so bring something small and durable.



Tent:  You'll get a discount if you bring your own tent to sleep in.  Even better if it's "period" and looks cool.

Food:  There is a food plan available for purchase but you can bring your own, especially if you have dietary needs.

Smoking: Smoking is ONLY permitted inside your car in the parking lot, never on the camp itself.

Skill Props:  Re-read the descriptions of your skills in the "Core Rules" to see if any props are required, such as signs to mark an area or face paint

Trade Props: Bring anything you will need to role-play your trade, such as fake hammers and a forge for an artisan, or creepy props for a Necromancer.  These can also decorate the table for your guild in the Inne.

Spell Packets and Arrows: Spellcasters and archers will require small beanbags made of soft cloth and filled with fine birdseed such as parakeet seed (with no sharp seeds). Bring 10-20 or more as they are easily lost. See the tutorial here to learn how to make them.

Bandages: Strips of white cloth at least 1" wide and long enough to tie around your leg.

Splints: Game splints, not real ones.  A 12" long piece of foam covered in brown tape.  You can cut optional slots to slip a bandage through, making it easier to tie to a limb.


Non-Player Characters

NPC Gear:  If you are playing an NPC (the cast) wear plain black clothes with enough layers (on cold days) to comfortably be outside for hours.  Costumes will be provided and will go over the basic blacks.  Bring flashlights and electric lanterns to light your area at night.

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