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Faire Participation

The Mystic Realms® Theater Company is active in the Renaissance, Medieval and Fantasy faire circuit. Mystic Realms® actors have performed in many fairs, playing both principal and supporting roles. If you are a faire organizer looking for professional actors, stage combatants or if you desire to offer a top-notch roleplaying adventures for your patrons' participation, please contact .

Mystic Realms® Fantasy Festival

Each year Mystic Realms® hosts its own Fantasy Faire to entertain people in South Jersey. This is an opportunity for Mystic Realms® participants to showcase their talents to friends and family. Mystic Realms® youth participants perform administrative tasks and acting roles under the supervision of our adult staff. The faire is an educational experience with the focus on developing leadership, acting and writing skills for our youth participants. We welcome community involvement and participation.

The Mystic Realms® Fantasy Faire offers a wide variety of educational shows, performances, crafts, and demonstrations. These generally include: historical groups from various medieval and renaissance periods, exhibitions on the use of medieval weapons and armor, blacksmith demonstrations, Middle-Eastern and other dancing troupes, a professionally-trained wrestling team in medieval regalia, groups of wandering minstrels, stage magicians, a Gypsy Village with children's crafts, and more.

The faire includes merchants and vendors offering a variety of unique products including jewelry, medieval and fantasy costumes, leather goods, and psychic readings. The gaming area has a pirate theme and offers games such as a beanbag toss for kids and ax/knife throwing for adults. Food and beverages are available for sale at the faire.

Mystic Realms® is known for its interactive theatrical entertainment, and the Fantasy Faire is no exception. Patrons will be encouraged to join in a fantasy adventure that will take them into the woods near the fairgrounds and allow them to become part of the faire story. Its very exciting and loads of fun for both adult and child. The adventure uses the Mystic Realms® LIVE-ACTION! roleplaying game system.

Mystic Realms® actors and musicians will perform shows and skits throughout the day. This includes a story that ends in a grand melee of swords and steel. A Maypole dance is performed and visitors will be asked to join. The day is concluded in a musical revelry where everyone is welcome to play an instrument and dance.


We are pleased to announce that the Fantasy Faire will be held this year at Wheaton Arts, 1501 Glasstown Rd, Millville, NJ 08332. Wheaton Arts is well known for its fall craft festival that draws over 5,000 attendees. The site is centrally located and less than an hour from Philadelphia and Jersey shore points. The site has much to offer including a phenomenal glass blowing exhibit, a large glass museum, a folk life center, a 10,000 square feet indoor auditorium and museum stores for casual shopping. The picturesque campus includes a lake with gazebo, picnic areas, wooded glades and meandering trails. For more information and directions go to wheatonarts.org.


Our faire is well attended by local and regional residents. Significant effort is placed into advertising.

Vendor Participation

Doris Abeling of Wheaton Arts will be the Vendor Coordinator for this event. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call Doris. Doris Abeling, Events Coordinator Wheaton Arts. Phone- 856-825-6800 Ext 104, .

Performer Participation

Fantasy Faire is staffed by volunteer performers of all ages and experience. If you’re interested in being part of the magic please contact Anton Kukal, Entertainment Coordinator, Mystic Realms, phone 856-430-0716,

Images From the Fantasy Faire

Share the story

There's a story to be told, and we want you to be a part of it.

Belly Dancers

The Mahira Tribe returns to delight you. This professional belly-dancing ensemble is a festival favorite.

Action, Adventure...

Live combat with both tournament and steel weapons!

...and True Love?

Our story unfolds throughout the day. How will our Princess choose: true love, or her duty to the realm?

Weapons Demonstration

Trained instructors demonstrate the effects of medieval weaponry. Learn why a bullwhip goes CRACK!


Who is the strongest? Our professionally-trained wrestling team won't rest until they know!

Join us!

The adventure isn't the same without you! Renaissance fun for the whole family!