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​Mystic Realms interactive drama presents nine Realms of adventure for play in your neighborhood. Creating characters and writing adventures in these fantastic genres is easier than you think.



The Five Gods came together to create a world where peace and prosperity existed for three thousand years. But the realm was torn asunder by the greed, prejudice and fanaticism of certain individuals. From the ashes of this broken society arose an organization known as Guildhall. Its members, returned peace to the world by establishing a cooperative institution. Participants of Glory of Guildhall™ portray the Guildsmen who struggle to keep peace and order, while others who seek personal power and gain threaten to destroy it forever. Plots explore national politics, legal systems and the impact of religion.

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After the fall of civilization, the major cities of the world became wastelands infested with mutated humans and beasts. Most people fled the urban areas into the few reserves of wilderness that remained. Millions died in the first few months, but those that survived Apocalyptic Earth™ found a new world where technology clashes with magic. Small communities dot the wilderness, places where people try to live close to the land and rediscover the power of magic. Participants portray individuals trying to eek out a meager living and survive in this fallen world. Plots ponder the meaning of civilization and the nature of humanity in times of great turmoil.

Mercenaries of the Galactic Frontier

Earning a living among remote outposts of the Galactic Frontier, a Mercenary always has to keep one step ahead of the Galactic Coalition. Flying from one terraformed world to another looking for work, your fellow crew are often the only people you can trust. Life in Galactic Frontier™ is hard and the jobs are dirty, but somehow you'll manage if you stick together as a crew. Participants portray various kinds of futuristic mercenaries and plots delve into science fiction and space opera themes.

Empire of Tyrs

The Empire was born of humanity's hope, but the violent world of Meredia could twist even the noblest of dreams. With dark energy flowing between blighted nodes of magic, and corruption spreading across the land, there is little peace. Meredia is a medieval world where magic and invention are the driving forces of constant war. Participants portray characters living in the chaotic Empire of Tyrs™. Plots examine morality in a setting that does not clearly define good and evil, where characters are governed only by their own moral relativism.

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Horrors, haunts and havocs inhabit this Realm of constant terror, where the lights are never quite bright enough and the shadows really do conceal monsters waiting to be unleashed. Participants of Aberrant Earth™ portray average, mundane people who investigate the dark reaches of that which may be best left unknown. Plots arise from a car breaking down, a wrong turn in the city, the lonely deserted country road, or that strange person who moves in next door

Modern Earth

This Realm appears no different from our own, but beneath the surface rages a war that threatens our continued existence. Magical flows and ley lines that had been disrupted by industrial practices of the previous two centuries are now reforming. The world is changing and the Mundanes remain blissfully unaware of the threat. Magic is returning to the world. Creatures long sleeping are stirring, otherworldly visitors can reach Earth through portals, and dark cults are using demon-granted powers. Participants of Modern Earth™ portray Arcanes, humans capable of using magic, as they struggle to contain the growing dangers. Plots involve fantasy and science-fiction themes juxtaposed in our modern world.

Weird West

Grab your gun, cowpoke hat and head out to a West that was truly wild. A West filled with amazing gadgets, dangerous critters and occult practices. It's not the sanitized West of modern schoolbooks, but a land of powerful spells, daring robberies and climatic gunfights. Participants portray gunslingers, cowboys, gamblers, and other types. Wild West Adventures plots explore day to day life in the magical Wild West.

Super-powered people who fight crime, injustice and inhumanity are rumored to exist, but embellishment of their exploits leaves the average person wondering if anyone could be that "Super." In Heroic Earth™, comic books are read by almost everyone, and six-figure contracts go to the costumed heroes whose noteworthy deeds can capture the hearts and minds of a population eager to accept them. Participants portray modern folk imbued with super powers. Plots deal in contemporary issues and themes with comic book flavor.

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